Disappearing World of the Capercaillie

Disappearing World of the Capercaillie

Capercaillie is one of many species who are not able to survive in a country changed by people. Its home – the old mixed and coniferous forests – is becoming smaller and smaller every day. Hand in hand with decreased territory of the natural forest and with its fragmentation, the number of capercaillie is also decreasing. Today, there are only some hundreds from thousands of individuals living in Slovakia in the 70-ties of the last century. Their living area is also permanently endangered. Only 30 % of the territory is sufficiently protected. The other territories are condemned to extinction.

It is literally the last minute. It will not be possible to save some territories as they are either too small and the capercaillie is doomed to extinction. However, it is possible to save some larger old forests and the capercaillie could be rescued and could survive. We need to make more. It would be useful to pronounce large protected natural territories where the natural forest would return together with capercaillie and other rare and unique species.

Please, help to protect the wilderness and support the Endowment Fund Arolla. Thank you.


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